A Wakeskate Tripp 2.0


Hi All!

Me and my friend Blaze went down south Norway to a place called Furrebanen, there its a system2.0 with 6 unit features. 2 spines, ollibox, Kevin Henshaw signature box and Pyramid rooftopp handrail.

The plaze is so epic! the founder Egil Furre and his girlfriend Jorund Stiansen, have made this cable park their hangout plaze where they rekruts wakeboarders on their sparetime.

Riding 2.0

I alsow tok my seadoo jetski with me, so i started a early morning sesh. Then we rided the 2.0 til the sun went down. I practise flip tricks and some rail, but had a realy bad second run. I get so frustrated when i  f… up stuf i know i can do, and i end up swiming more than standing on the skate. And i tok a litle breake and my last run turned up to be OK. So i could calm down a little :). Litle edit coming soon!

So if u ever visit Norway i recomend u visit this sick place.

We alsow fished lunch, tasted so good.



The Peacock Brothers // HipNotics 2015

So after a crazy week of riding out at HipNotics in June I finally managed to find some free time to throw together a couple of the clips that we got out there! Was so much fun getting to ride with everybody out there and learnt some cool new tricks so definitely looking forward to going back some time!