Good to be back!

After we got back from Norway I had a few days of chilling and down time before I was heading off to Cornwall to put on some Wakeboard demos, ride the flowrider and do some surfing! During the week I was in Cornwall we had a few sets on the flow rider which were super fun and I even managed to stick a few shuvs. Then we put on a demo for two nights at Retallack Wake Park where we both stuck doubles flips. Then for the rest of the days away we spent a few surfing, or at least trying! And a few cliff jumping and swimming through caves. All in all a super fun trip away and a break from constant Wakeboarding.

I’d like to thank all the guys at Retallack for such a sick Weekend.


Italy trip

Last week on Monday I spontaneously decided to take a train to Italy in order to ride at Star Wake Cable, where the Europeans are going to take place in two weeks. The train ride took me about 6 hours. My friend Timo Kapl was already out there. Riding with him was sick, because we pushed each other to trying new stuff. We slept at a house right next to the cable park with all the Italian boys, which was so much fun. I just had a great time out in the warm weather riding skins all day long. But unfortunately on Friday morning I crashed in the water and snapped my eardrum, which is why I had to leave a few days earlier than planned. But whatever still had a sick time and can’t wait to be back real soon for the European Championships.

I really love Star Wake Park. The atmosphere with the good weather and the amazing Italian vibes are just amazing. Also the people out there are very nice and the food is amazing! Everyone go check out Star Wake Park in Ravenna, Italy. Might be your next trip as well !

Trip to Norway

On Friday 21st August Ryan and I had an early start to travel out to Norway and meet up and ride with the guys from United Wakers!

We got off the Plane in Norway where we met Erik and the film makers who took us to Mikkel and Henrik’s house where we had a BBQ in the sunshine before embarking on the 1 and a half hour trip to the cable park. When we got there we checked out the cabins then went for an evening ride.

As we had been to Norsjø cable park before it was super cool to be back riding it again and getting some filming done. The next morning we got breakfast and shot some more for the film. After riding again, we had a BBQ with a few drinks and checked out some of the awesome footage! We woke up on the final feeling pretty hungover but after going to the petrol station and getting the superburger we were wide awake and ready for a little shred before sadly heading to the airport for our flight home.

I’d like to thank all the United Wakers and the filming guys for the sickest weekend ever!
2015-08-21 16.10.21

The Bricks Open 2015

Hey Guys,

so last weekend I’ve been to near Cologne to compete at the ‘The Bricks Open 2015’. The comp was on at Saturday, but my trip has already started at Thursday morning with a 5 hour train journey from Munich to Cologne. The weather that day was amazing and it was unbelievably hot for german conditions. After arriving in cologne at about 4 pm, I had a sick late evening session at Wakeboarding Langenfeld preparing for the comp. On Friday the competition training was on from 2 pm till sunset. The setup was really creative, but very challenging as well. Still so much fun to hit so many new lines at such a sick park -> The Bricks! I had a sick ride on Friday and managed to prepare all my lines and tricks for the main event on Saturday.


So on that Saturday I got up at 6:00 am to have a last ride in the morning before the comp. I didn’t really have a good ride, as I basically stacked every single trick I wanted to do in my run later on. Probably because it was just to early haha. This got my pretty worried, though, as I obviously really wanted to land my run. After the training session in the morning they sorted out the qualification groups. The format was everyone had 2 runs, best run counts with one line around the cable including one kicker hit and one air trick with a lot of rail hits! There were 40 riders registered, so there were 10 heats with 4 people, 2 making it through to the next round. I probably got the hardest heat with Dominik Gührs, Liam Rundholz, Max Reigbert and myself. I was sure I won’t make it through after having had such a bad ride in the morning. However, in the qualifications I managed to land my run, just as all the other three in my heat did. Everyone rode amazing and literally everyone could have made it. Then they called out the results of qualification group 5. I was so damn nervous to be honest haha! ‘In Group 5 Dominik Gührs and Bene Tremmel made it to the next round!’ I was stoked about the results, but still felt bad for my boys Liam and Max.


The next round consisted of a head to head format. You had to win 2 runs to make it through. They randomly put together the groups and I chose Nick Schäfers. A young little ripper from Langenfeld, Germany. I went out first and stacked straightaway, so Nick put down a solid run to win the first run. Second run Nick crashed so I only had to do a save run to win run number two. There was a third last battle to choose the winner. I went out first again and luckily managed to put down a solid run with hard rail hits. Nick went out as well and put down some of the sickest rail hits we’ve seen all weekend long! He literally killed it but the judges decided my run was a little better. This meant I made it through to the next round!

In the next head to head round I had to ride against some local rider M. De Ceglia. He rode sick, but I managed to win both runs against him, which meant I made it to the Super Final. Got me real stoked, as I didn’t even think I would make it through the qualifications after seeing that heat in the morning. But now I made it to the Final of the top 5.

The final consisted of Dominik Gührs, Niko Kasper, Alex Aulbach, Maurice Prior and myself. Dominik went out first, then myself, Niko, Alex and Maurice. I managed to land a solid first run with a Nose Moby Dick and etc. Unfortunately I messed up my transition rail hit, but whatever. Alex and Niko also managed to land sick runs. I was sure I was definitely not on the podium, especially because I stacked my Nose Moby Dick 5 in my second run. However, after the final they called out the results at the award ceremony. 5th Place Maurice Prior. 4th Place Dominik Gührs. I was so surprised I made podium!!! 3rd Place Niko Kasper. And 2nd Place Bene Tremmel! I was so happy and stoked I came 2nd at the Bricks Open!!! And the winner Alex Aulbach! Well deserved! Alex landed a legit run!


Foto by Chris Lehnert

Anyway, I want to thank the whole The Bricks crew for putting up such a sick event, with a creative setup and a sick format!
Can’t wait for 2016 !!!

Thank you for reading and see you soon!

Ps: Check my final run here !

Norsjo Cable Park with United Wakers!

Super excited to be flying out to Norway on Friday to go and shred with the crew behind United Wakers! We have quite an early flight but will be worth it to revisit Norsjo cable park again after visiting last year for the World Championships! Going to be so fun getting to ride and film with the boys as well! I love the cable and the obstacles they have but what makes it amazing is the location in which it is situated in. About 2 minutes from the cable is a cliff which is absolutely perfect for jumping into the lake from and will bring such good memories! If you are around the area you should come down and ride with Liam and I!

Liam Flying and Lake Times

Who can complain about spending time around the lake at your home park with your best mates? I for one certainly can’t after this summer…

Today was a crazy day after just messing around with the boys on the cable doing some double flips and just messing around on the rails we decided to head up to System 2.0. After messing around for some time we found out a really good way of getting height on the corners, after a while Liam started riding with me operating and he just took off… Everybody was absolutely silent for the 9 whole seconds he was off the water! It was one of the funniest things I have ever seen!

The Flying Mexican!

Today we were down at the lake just messing around and after having a good ride on the cable we headed over to the System 2.0 for a little short line sesh. After a few tries we realised we could get air around the corner and so we kept trying different ways of doing it. Then after a few attempts we were getting bigger and bigger and then this happened!

My Path To Winning Worlds

I started 2013 really strong with a 2nd place finish at the first stop of the WWA Wake Park World Series at BSR cable park. This 2nd place finish gave me tons of confidence and put me in a great position to push myself even further for the rest of the year. To start the year in 3rd pace on the WWA rankings was a huge advantage for me going into the second stop of the WWA Wake Park World Series.

The second stop of the tour was held at Wake Nation cable park in Ohio, Cincinnati. I have to say it was such a fun cable to ride and I met so many awesome people the whole week I was there. It was awesome to see my team manager Keith Lidberg out there judging that weekend, so I had to really prove myself. Placing 2nd at BSR cable park really gave me the confidence to go into the second stop with a bang. I was riding really well all week and was feeling great going into the contest. From what I remember I had near perfect runs all weekend. I had so much determination and fire that I ended up with another 2nd place finish.

Prior to these events I had been competing on the tour for 3 years and I had never started the year with two 2nd place finishes ever. Apart from starting the year with two 2nd places I had never even placed top 3 in a Pro contest outside of Australia which was a huge achievement in my career this far. Starting the year so well gave me so much excitement leading up to the World Championships in Abu Dhabi. When I first started riding at 14 years of age it had always been a dream of mine to become a world champion. When I left school at the age of 17 to pursue wake boarding I knew I had to work my ass off if I ever wanted to get close to becoming a world champion. It was only up to me to make this dream a reality.

The year I left school in 2012 I had to make a huge sacrifice and move down to west Sydney with my girlfriend Angelika Schriber, to really go 100% at making a career in wakeboarding. We both started working at Cables Wake Park Penrith for the summer to save money and to work with a personal trainer. We really wanted to focus on our health and riding to the best of our ability to achieve the best outcome possible. We were so lucky that the owners Chris Angus and Clayton Dunn had given us the keys to open the cable up for ourselves every morning to train. We worked so hard with our personal trainer Elka Cruz and rode pretty much every morning and afternoon, riding our push bikes to and from the park. After the 6 months we had spent in Penrith we learn’t that it was just as important to train off the water as it was on the water.

Going into the WWA Wake Park World Championships I felt strong, healthy and super confident after having a great start to the year with two 2nd places. When I arrived into Abu Dhabi I straight away had set a goal to do well. The week leading up to the contest I was riding very well, staying super positive and training as much as possible. When the weekend arrived my body and mind felt really prepared and I was ready to do work. I tried to maintain consistency throughout the weekend and before I knew it I had made it to the finals of the WWA Wake Park World Championships. Making the final meant the world to me and all that hard work was starting to come to light.

Before the finals had started I had this crazy feeling that I was going to do well and I was going to give it all I had. In the final it was Daniel Grant, James Windsor, Dominik Guhrs and myself. Daniel and Dominik had completed there first runs very cleanly. I went out and had a great first run as well and soon after Windsor had completed his too. When it came to my second and final run I said to myself  “just go for it, be aggressive and to remember how hard i had worked to get to this point”. My second run was seriously in the top 2 runs I had ever done in competition.

Once I completed my final run I let go at the back corner and I remember I was yelling so loud with excitement. I was so proud of myself. I felt like I had done the best I could and felt it was enough to possibly win. I knew deep down I had done everything in my run to possibly win the title. When I was walking back to the dock Stuart Marston the owner of Liquid Leisure said to me “I reckon you have won it Matty” I was like you really think it was enough. At that moment I knew that it was going to be my day.

Everyone was so happy for me even before the podium spots were called up. In third place was Dominik Guhrs, second place was James Windsor and as soon as they called his name I knew I had won the WWA Wake Park World Championships – Holy shit it was seriously the best day of my life. I was so emotional when I received the trophy, I could barely talk without crying. I was just so proud and honoured to achieve such a high goal for myself at such a young age. To be in 1st place on that stage in Abu Dhabi was a dream come true. To have my mum there was so special and as she says “a highlight in her life also”. It is still to this day the biggest achievement in my life and something I will never forget and will never take for granted.

Dreams can be achieved and made possible with hard work, determination and never giving up.

Matty Hasler

New Trick!

I had such a good ride today at JBSki. As it was so quiet I decided to try a few of these toeside indy double backrolls in the hope to get them on lock before Europeans and the video below shows the results!

You can also see it on my instagram: @_liampeacock_

Hip – Notics 2015

We travelled out to Turkey in July to ride Hip – Notics for the first time. We had such a good time out there and met loads of really cool people. We also learnt a few new tricks which you can check out in our edit from the trip!