World Cup

I just got home after a crazy trip out to Shanghai, where I was invited to compete in the 45th World Cup stop. It was so much fun riding out at the cable with all my friends from other countries, and the standard of riding was insane! The weather was pretty nice for most of the week, apart from on the day of the semi finals, and the finals! During the qualifications I was put in a heat with Lior Sofer and Im San which i thought was a really tough heat, I managed to land both my runs, and qualify through in second place behind Lior. That evening we went into Shanghai city which was a rather odd experience. As soon as we got off the train we were asked by about 5 chinese people to have photos with them, as they had never seen white people before. We did a little bit of sightseeing before returning back to the hotel to prepare for the competition the next day. When the day of the semi finals came I was put in a heat with: Leroy Ney, Guenther Oka, Szebasztian Szolath, Liam Rundholz, Christopher Klein, Dominik Guhrs and Sam De Haan. Unfortunately I crashed my second run and so was unable to make it through to the finals, but had so much fun riding with everybody! Met so many new cool people and great to catch up with old friends. Hopefully will get invited again next year!

Norsjo Cable Park with United Wakers!

Super excited to be flying out to Norway on Friday to go and shred with the crew behind United Wakers! We have quite an early flight but will be worth it to revisit Norsjo cable park again after visiting last year for the World Championships! Going to be so fun getting to ride and film with the boys as well! I love the cable and the obstacles they have but what makes it amazing is the location in which it is situated in. About 2 minutes from the cable is a cliff which is absolutely perfect for jumping into the lake from and will bring such good memories! If you are around the area you should come down and ride with Liam and I!

Liam Flying and Lake Times

Who can complain about spending time around the lake at your home park with your best mates? I for one certainly can’t after this summer…

Today was a crazy day after just messing around with the boys on the cable doing some double flips and just messing around on the rails we decided to head up to System 2.0. After messing around for some time we found out a really good way of getting height on the corners, after a while Liam started riding with me operating and he just took off… Everybody was absolutely silent for the 9 whole seconds he was off the water! It was one of the funniest things I have ever seen!

Transitions London!

So after a long wait the 1st of August finally arrived! I was super pumped to be reunited with some of my international friends such as Bobby Carne and Bene Tremmel who had come over for the contest! Continue reading…

Footprint King Insoles

During transitions we were lucky enough to have Erik from UnitedWakers come over with some free goodies they had recently received from Maniitok Norway and FP Insoles Scandinavia. Continue reading…

The Peacock Brothers // HipNotics 2015

So after a crazy week of riding out at HipNotics in June I finally managed to find some free time to throw together a couple of the clips that we got out there! Was so much fun getting to ride with everybody out there and learnt some cool new tricks so definitely looking forward to going back some time!

Transitions London

So after a hectic weekend away at the UK cable nationals it was nice to finally get home to ride back at JBSki! Continue reading…

UK Cable Nationals 2015

So the cable nationals 2015 took place at Box End Park this year and had a great turn out! Continue reading…