Cable Wakeboard Europeans 2015!

About 2 weeks ago I headed out to Italy with the rest of the British Team for the 17th Cable Wakeboard Europeans. We arrived at the cable park after a pretty fun filled trip and didn’t waste any time getting straight out on the water. Our first ride was super fun and I managed to put down a few grabbed double flips and some air tricks. A few days on we had some team training sessions where I managed to land a few s mobes which I haven’t landed in ages. Before we knew it the competition was under way. We had some good results in the first few days, then it was our time to shine. We all had hard heats for the qualifiers as everyone was riding so good. I managed to put down two pretty clean runs including my double flip and s mobe which secured me the 2nd place and top 2 went through to semis so I made it through. The next day we had semis and the pressure was on. The semis  heats were insane which meant I had to put down some good runs to make it through. I went out and landed my first run which managed to secured my place in the final,  and then I had my 2nd run to go out and use as practice. Later that day it  was finals time. I went out for my run feeling pretty chilled but focused and put down my hardest run I thought I could do at the cable. This ended up putting me in 4th place after Ryan went out to take the 3rd spot. I tried to step up my run by adding in a mobe 5 between the top corners but unfortunately it wasn’t enough and I went away happily with the 4th spot. I was extremely pleased with my result of 4th place in my first year of Junior Men and I’d like to say well done to the other boys who took podium positions. Ryan (3rd) Ariano (2nd) and Liam (1st). I’d also like to thanks Ck and my Mum for looking after us out there and also to my sponsors, Mystic, Ronix, Extreme, JBSki and United Wakers!

beach with french

Europeans tomorrow!

So we have just finished packing our board bags as we have an early start tomorrow morning to get to the airport for 6:00am ready to fly out to Italy to start training for the Europeans. I am really excited and can’t wait to see all my friends again. It’s also going to be super cool to try out the cable and ride with everyone again. I’m hoping I can land my double flips out there and get a good run as I need it now I’m in my first year of Junior Men! I love flying out with the team as we always have such a good time and I think this trip will be really good. Will be sure to keep you all updated on how we do throughout the trip!

Good to be back!

After we got back from Norway I had a few days of chilling and down time before I was heading off to Cornwall to put on some Wakeboard demos, ride the flowrider and do some surfing! During the week I was in Cornwall we had a few sets on the flow rider which were super fun and I even managed to stick a few shuvs. Then we put on a demo for two nights at Retallack Wake Park where we both stuck doubles flips. Then for the rest of the days away we spent a few surfing, or at least trying! And a few cliff jumping and swimming through caves. All in all a super fun trip away and a break from constant Wakeboarding.

I’d like to thank all the guys at Retallack for such a sick Weekend.


Trip to Norway

On Friday 21st August Ryan and I had an early start to travel out to Norway and meet up and ride with the guys from United Wakers!

We got off the Plane in Norway where we met Erik and the film makers who took us to Mikkel and Henrik’s house where we had a BBQ in the sunshine before embarking on the 1 and a half hour trip to the cable park. When we got there we checked out the cabins then went for an evening ride.

As we had been to Norsjø cable park before it was super cool to be back riding it again and getting some filming done. The next morning we got breakfast and shot some more for the film. After riding again, we had a BBQ with a few drinks and checked out some of the awesome footage! We woke up on the final feeling pretty hungover but after going to the petrol station and getting the superburger we were wide awake and ready for a little shred before sadly heading to the airport for our flight home.

I’d like to thank all the United Wakers and the filming guys for the sickest weekend ever!
2015-08-21 16.10.21

The Flying Mexican!

Today we were down at the lake just messing around and after having a good ride on the cable we headed over to the System 2.0 for a little short line sesh. After a few tries we realised we could get air around the corner and so we kept trying different ways of doing it. Then after a few attempts we were getting bigger and bigger and then this happened!

New Trick!

I had such a good ride today at JBSki. As it was so quiet I decided to try a few of these toeside indy double backrolls in the hope to get them on lock before Europeans and the video below shows the results!

You can also see it on my instagram: @_liampeacock_

Hip – Notics 2015

We travelled out to Turkey in July to ride Hip – Notics for the first time. We had such a good time out there and met loads of really cool people. We also learnt a few new tricks which you can check out in our edit from the trip!

Transitions 2015

Transitions 2015 was so sick! We started off the day with me winning my heat and qualifying 1st which meant I went straight through to the big air and entered a final against all the other riders that got 1st in their heats. This started the day off good and as we went onto the final I won that as well which I was super stoked about! Then later in the day we had the big air and as all us boys were getting hyped to the music and it was getting darker the flames were going off and we were ready to ride. I went off and managed to throw down my double half cab roll and although I couldn’t land any pete rose 7’s this still put me high enough to take my second win of the day. This meant I had a free bar for the night to celebrate and listen to the sick DJ’s! It was a such a good day and it was really cool to see Erik here supporting us. Can’t wait to go out to Norway and ride with the guys soon!

Transitions this Weekend!

Had a good ride at the lake today and yesterday with my brother Ryan just messing around hitting up some new lines. However yesterday I was riding and tried a new line on one of the high thin ledges where I went nollie to 50/50 however I missed the rail and slammed down onto it winding myself and ending up with a dead leg which hurt pretty bad! Apart from that riding is going well at the moment haha.  I’m super excited for this Weekend as we have the Transitions Wake/Skate Festival on Saturday at JBSki! I can’t wait to ride in it and compete in the big air competition where I hope to throw down my double flip and hopefully land a few pete rose 7’s. Make sure you dont miss out and come down and watch us ride! Going to get down the lake early tomorrow to hit up the flat water for a little sesh before it gets busy and i’ll keep you updated on things go with this Weekend and my riding!

Pictures from Nationals

This weekend I had so much fun at the Nationals and here are a few pics from the comp! Continue reading…