Harbour Project 2015

Last month I was invited to the 2015 Harbour Project @ Glass Butter Beach. The Harbour Project is a System 2.0 comp set up in the inner harbour in Abersoch and is part of the Glass Butter Beach Festival.

When I arrived I was so excited, as I had never ridden on a System 2.0 in the sea before. The comp was set up for 8 invited riders, as you only have 2 hours to ride from when the tide comes in to the harbour, before it goes out again. We all got a chance to practice the night before, which was really fun because it was as the sun was going down. All the features were supplied and installed by Industry Wake Parks and included a kicker, kicker to barrel jib, incline rail and an ollie on box rail.

The competition was so cool because there were so many local people watching, we all reckoned that there were over 1000 around the inner harbour. The format was different as well, because we had to go head to head in each round. To decide who rode against who first, we all got our names picked out of a hat in the pub that afternoon. Each rider had to wear either a red or blue bib and the judges made a decision straight after the head to heads, by holding up either a red or blue card.

I managed to win both my first and second head to heads against some incredible riding and ended up in the final against Freddie Carter. I ended up coming second to Freddie, with Scotty Broome coming 3rd. Overall it was an incredible experience and I met the most amazing people.

I would like to thank Toby Yeo for inviting me, Industry Wake Parks for the set up and everyone who made the Harbour Project happen.