Early morning session at my home cable

So yesterday I had a sick early morning session at my homecable Wasserskipark Aschheim near to Munich. We got up at half six and met up at the cable park at about half 7. I was really tired and absolutely didn’t fell like riding at all. In addition to that the weather was awful with 10 degrees and rain. However, after having arrived at the lake, I had a little run around the lake with my sister and a friend to warm up. After that run we got on the water, practicing some runs for the upcoming European Championships in Itlay in a week. I managed to land some good runs, but also had some bad stacks like a bad front edge after coming into the corner way to fast after doing a 315. Anyway, I’d like to thank the Wasserskipark Aschheim crew for giving the cable to ourselves in order to have perfect training conditions. Bet everyone would love having a cable park for their own.