Italy trip

Last week on Monday I spontaneously decided to take a train to Italy in order to ride at Star Wake Cable, where the Europeans are going to take place in two weeks. The train ride took me about 6 hours. My friend Timo Kapl was already out there. Riding with him was sick, because we pushed each other to trying new stuff. We slept at a house right next to the cable park with all the Italian boys, which was so much fun. I just had a great time out in the warm weather riding skins all day long. But unfortunately on Friday morning I crashed in the water and snapped my eardrum, which is why I had to leave a few days earlier than planned. But whatever still had a sick time and can’t wait to be back real soon for the European Championships.

I really love Star Wake Park. The atmosphere with the good weather and the amazing Italian vibes are just amazing. Also the people out there are very nice and the food is amazing! Everyone go check out Star Wake Park in Ravenna, Italy. Might be your next trip as well !