I have been travelling the world for over 5 years now and it has been some of the best times of my life, and some of the hardest. Don’t get me wrong it is a dream job as most people would call it, but it has its ups and downs like anything in life. I’ll tell you what though, i wouldn’t want to be living any other way. To wake up each day and ride my Wakeboard at different cable parks, locations all around the world at a competitive and professional level is a dream come true.

To be honest i won’t be competing and riding my Wakeboard forever. Although for the next decade i am going to work as hard as possible to stay on top at a competitive level, and live my life the way i have always wanted to. One day i will give back to the Wakeboard community in some way, either owning my own cable park or coaching the next generation of shredders.

Wakeboarding and travelling the world is a huge part of my life and is pretty much a part of who i am. I don’t know what i would do without it. I have visited over 15 countries in the last 6 years thanks to Wakeboarding, so i pretty much¬†owe everything to it. I have made some amazing friendships¬†and have met many interesting people all over the world. Competing in the WWA Wake Park World Series tour and the Alliance Monster Energy Triple Crown has changed my life completely.

The hardest thing for me about travelling was not having a place you call home. I would be traveling place to place constantly, so i have always been in and out of friends places, motels and hotels. Living out of a suitcase for the past 5 years has taught me so much about myself and in life. I recommend it for anyone, although after 5 years it may end up driving you a little bit crazy haha.

Most years i would travel 8-10 months at a time before heading home for Christmas, January and February. I would then travel back to Thai Wakepark (my second home) each year to prepare for the season ahead. Traveling has been the best part of it all and being able to do it all with my girlfriend Angelika Schriber, is the best thing anyone could ask for.

Live life your way, and do what makes you happy.

Matty Hasler



  • Adam ADub May

    Good ready man, makes you much more real than any photo or video. Cool to hear about the struggles and the successes! Stacy and I are cheering you on in your recovery!