Transitions was amazing

I woke up at 5:00 pm on Saturday, grabbed my duffle-bag and left for the airport.  I live really close to the airport and since i was going to fly back to Norway on Sunday morning i could travel light so there were less pain getting up that early.

When i arrived at Heatrow i got really exited, knowing i was just an hour away from checking out my first competition. But the best part, meeting up with Liam Peacock, Ryan Peacock and Paul Peacock again. I crab a hold of a taxi and it took me to the destination in less then 20 minutes. The whole family were there to welcome me. In the queue before entering JBski, i had the chance to talk to the manager of JBski and he showed hospitality i’ve never experienced before. So thanks a lot to him as well. He were really stoked on having people from UnitedWakers visiting, so i’m overwhelmed that people have heard about us already.

IMG_0725After being introduced to a lot of riders and some of the riders parents it was time for competition. Our bloggers Ryan and Liam killed it as usual, doing solid 900’s and double’s. It’s crazy how good these guys ride and i know they will get better and better. Can’t wait to follow them and support them for many years to come.

The evening ended with a sick party and concert by SIGMA before i got a taxi and returned to Heatrow to catch my flight home. Can’t wait to go back to JBski and i’ll definitely ride some myself next time. Hopefully i can learn some from the Peacock’s. So, thanks to Ryan, Liam, Paul, Sarah, Ramona and her two friends Marina and Julia for making my trip so epic.