The new year had arrived and i was on the Gold Coast enjoying a few months off Wakeboarding from January to the 8th of March, when i had made the decision to head out to Thai Wake Park (my second home) to train and prepare myself for the 2015 season ahead. It was the morning of the 28th of May that i had completely torn my ACL on a regular mute heel side 900, which my girlfriend and professional wakeboarder Angelika Schriber was filming at the time of impact.

I knew straight away that i had torn it completely, the pain was excruciating it felt like i snapped my leg literally. Shock kicked in pretty much straight away! Luckily Angelika was on the island at Thai Wake Park which was right next to the inside kicker, where i had injured myself. She was actually the first one to get to me thank god :), before Manuel and a few other people swam across from the edge of the lake to assist me in getting my board off it hurt like a bitch, and then helping me swim back to shore shortly after.

Luckily Angelika got it all on film. I still cringe every time i watch over the footage as any person would, its painful watching yourself get injured. If you wanna see the video just have a look on my Instagram @mattyhasler, its there if you want to feel the pain haha. I was lucky enough to have a few people there when i got to shore applying ice to it straight away, thanks guys. After icing my knee for an hour or so, Aum the owner of Thai Wake Park booked me straight in for an appointment the following day with his uncle who had done surgery on Aum in the past.

Aum is such a legend and has welcomed me from the very beginning and has supported my riding for years. Thanks again Aum for letting me ride at Thai Wake Park and for letting me be a part of the team. I wouldn’t want to be a part of any other team and Wake Park you guys are truly the best. On the 29th of May i went to see Aum’s uncle at the Bumrungrad hospital to receive confirmation about completely tearing my ACL and partially tearing my Meniscus. It was made pretty clear that i had to head home and under go surgery in Australia a month later.