Transitions this Weekend!

Had a good ride at the lake today and yesterday with my brother Ryan just messing around hitting up some new lines. However yesterday I was riding and tried a new line on one of the high thin ledges where I went nollie to 50/50 however I missed the rail and slammed down onto it winding myself and ending up with a dead leg which hurt pretty bad! Apart from that riding is going well at the moment haha.  I’m super excited for this Weekend as we have the Transitions Wake/Skate Festival on Saturday at JBSki! I can’t wait to ride in it and compete in the big air competition where I hope to throw down my double flip and hopefully land a few pete rose 7’s. Make sure you dont miss out and come down and watch us ride! Going to get down the lake early tomorrow to hit up the flat water for a little sesh before it gets busy and i’ll keep you updated on things go with this Weekend and my riding!