Evening @ Surf City Tønsberg

Yesterday, some friends and I drove down to Surf City witch is located in Tønsberg, Norway for a private training session. They got a well made park, operated by a Secitec 2.0 system with features like a medium size kicker and a fun little slider. It’s basically perfect for getting in as much riding as possible and the opportunity to hit the kicker over and over again.

As a beginner/amateur I have a mindset to always learn a new trick each time I ride, but it didn’t happen this evening. Instead, I practiced the tricks I’ve already landed, and felt I’ve got a lot safer. Like my switch heelside underflip is landed 9/10 times now.

The progression you get from riding a lot is one thing that drives me, but it’s also the combination of people you surround yourself with that brings you the results. This is something that is really important to me when I ride, because wakeboard people have so much in common and they are always pushing you further, when you believe you’ve reached your own potential.

To summarise the evening, I had an amazing time wakeboarding with fellow riders from Team
UnitedWakers, Mikkel Reinert, Lars Theodorsen and Mathias Veiga. And it was so nice to meet Ingrid Gunneng and Ella Bergrem Gaupset for the first time. Looking forward to knowing both of you better.