UK Cable Wakeboard National Championships 2015

Winning run video in bottom of article!

I travelled up to Box End on Wednesday to practice for the UK 2015 Wakeboard National Championships. After riding at the park I decided to go home and come back the next day and ride then stay for a couple of days until the comp. The morning of the comp was very wet and rainy but I felt good as I had my run planned and could land it almost everytime.

Qualifiers were on the friday and and I did both my two runs including a heelside frontside 900 and a double half cab roll. I ended up qualifying second which was good as the top 3 went through.

The next day was Saturday, the day of the finals. In my head once again I was confident with my runs and my riding so felt pretty chilled. I went out for my first run and layed down what I was was the best run I could putting me in 1st place which included a 90210 and front to blind. But then the final rider went out and took over the top spot so I knew I had to somehow step it up. I went out and layed down my best run which included a switch mobe 5, 90210, tweetybird, hs fs 900 and double half cab roll. After the final rider went out this run left me in first and I was National Junior Men Champion!

I would like to thank all my sponsors for their support, Mystic, Ronix, Extreme and JBSki.