Norwegian Championship

Hey wake friends


Open Wakeboard

The Norwegian Championship was 2 weeks ago and it was a blast, and this season i tryed out wakeboard open, last time i wakeboarded it was one year ago in old boys wakeboard class. And i now know why i just wakeskate. But i had two supper fun runs that almost got me to the finals, just missed by 1 point ūüôā and i alsow found out that One foot diddent scoore any points.

My last run i landed a air trick for the first time(think ist called a back roll), and i wassent the only one who got supriced.

I picture of my one foot!



And in the wakeskate finals i got 2.plaze and im super happy of my first run. But in the 2. Run i bailed on a stupid sw front bigg.. So i couldent beat my first score. But im still the Norwegian champion since my friend Blaze isent a norwegian.

Looking forward to next year, hope more skaters will join the comp and hope to progress more next season. Edit will ome out soon.

Lots of  wake love from Norway


A Wakeskate Tripp 2.0


Hi All!

Me and my friend Blaze went down south Norway to a place called Furrebanen, there its a system2.0 with 6 unit features. 2 spines, ollibox, Kevin Henshaw signature box and Pyramid rooftopp handrail.

The plaze is so epic! the founder Egil Furre and his girlfriend Jorund Stiansen, have made this cable park their hangout plaze where they rekruts wakeboarders on their sparetime.

Riding 2.0

I alsow tok my seadoo jetski with me, so i started a early morning sesh. Then we rided the 2.0 til the sun went down. I practise flip tricks and some rail, but had a realy bad second run. I get so frustrated when i ¬†f… up stuf i know i can do, and i end up swiming more than standing on the skate. And i tok a litle breake and my last run turned up to be OK. So i could calm down a little :). Litle edit coming soon!

So if u ever visit Norway i recomend u visit this sick place.

We alsow fished lunch, tasted so good.



Hip Notics 15/16

Hey everyone,

over the new year I went on a trip to Hip Notics Cable Park for 9 days to escape the German winter. First few days were awesome and sunny but then my plan didn’t work out anymore as it got colder and colder. Day temperature was max. 10 degrees with freezing water! Anyways I still had a really good time with my friends doing some off season laps. Did some cool pictures as well so all in all the whole trip as an absolute success! At this point I want to wish everyone a happy new year once again! Let’s make 2016 amazing!

See you soon on the water ‚úĆÔłŹ





Early morning session at Langenfeld

Hey guys,

This picture is from a great morning session¬†at Wasserski Langenfeld in western Germany shooting the 2016 Liquid Force Stuff earlier this year. Just want to blog this picture now, because I am currently missing riding so bad. All cable parks in Germany are shut down now and there is no way for me to ride at the moment. The weather is getting colder and colder, as well as the nights are getting longer and longer… I really have to say. I hate Winter haha! During the cold days I am going to the gym often to keep my body fit and prepared for the new season. Anyway, it is especially hard for me seeing a lot of my good mates flying to other countries to extend their seasons with some warm weather laps, while I am sitting in cold Germany having to keep up with my studies. But of course school is important, too! At this point I really want to wish one of my best friends Ryan Peacock, who is¬†also part of the United Wakers crew a safe¬†winter trip and a lot of fun. I also hope everyone has a quick winter so we can get on our wakeboards soon again and shred!


Bene Tremmel 2015

This video includes various spots I travelled to during my entire wakeboard season. I visited countries like Turkey, the UK and even the USA to film this edit. I hope you guys like it and give it a share if you do so!

Wasserskipark Aschheim, Germany
The Bricks, Germany
Ski Rixen, USA
Miami Watersports Complex, USA
Gold Cable Park, Turkey

World Cup

I just got home after a crazy trip out to Shanghai, where I was invited to compete in the 45th World Cup stop. It was so much fun riding out at the cable with all my friends from other countries, and the standard of riding was insane! The weather was pretty nice for most of the week, apart from on the day of the semi finals, and the finals! During the qualifications I was put in a heat with Lior Sofer and Im San which i thought was a really tough heat, I managed to land both my runs, and qualify through in second place behind Lior. That evening we went into Shanghai city which was a rather odd experience. As soon as we got off the train we were asked by about 5 chinese people to have photos with them, as they had never seen white people before. We did a little bit of sightseeing before returning back to the hotel to prepare for the competition the next day. When the day of the semi finals came I was put in a heat with: Leroy Ney, Guenther Oka, Szebasztian Szolath, Liam Rundholz, Christopher Klein, Dominik Guhrs and Sam De Haan. Unfortunately I crashed my second run and so was unable to make it through to the finals, but had so much fun riding with everybody! Met so many new cool people and great to catch up with old friends. Hopefully will get invited again next year!

Cable Wakeboard Europeans 2015!

About 2 weeks ago I headed out to Italy with the rest of the British Team for the 17th Cable Wakeboard Europeans. We arrived at the cable park after a pretty fun filled trip and didn’t waste any time getting straight out on the water. Our first ride was super fun and I managed to put down a few grabbed double flips and some air tricks. A few days on we had some team training sessions where I managed to land a few s mobes which I haven’t landed in ages. Before we knew it the competition was under way. We had some good results in the first few days, then it was our time to shine. We all had hard heats for the qualifiers as everyone was riding so good. I managed to put down two pretty clean runs including my double flip and s mobe which secured me the 2nd place and top 2 went through to semis so I made it through. The next day we had semis and the pressure was on. The semis ¬†heats were insane which meant I had to put down some good runs to make it through. I went out and landed my first run which managed to secured my place in the final, ¬†and then I had my 2nd run to go out and use as practice. Later that day it ¬†was finals time. I went out for my run feeling pretty chilled but focused and put down my hardest run I thought I could do at the cable. This ended up putting me in 4th place after Ryan went out to take the 3rd spot. I tried to step up my run by adding in a mobe 5 between the top corners but unfortunately it wasn’t enough and I went away happily with the 4th spot. I was extremely pleased with my result of 4th place in my first year of Junior Men and I’d like to say well done to the other boys who took podium positions. Ryan (3rd) Ariano (2nd) and Liam (1st). I’d also like to thanks Ck and my Mum for looking after us out there and also to my sponsors, Mystic, Ronix, Extreme, JBSki and United Wakers!

beach with french

Europeans tomorrow!

So we have just finished packing our board bags as we have an early start tomorrow morning to get to the airport for 6:00am ready to fly out to Italy to start training for the Europeans. I am really excited and can’t wait to see all my friends again. It’s also going to be super cool to try out the cable and ride with everyone again. I’m hoping I can land my double flips out there and get a good run as I need it now I’m in my first year of Junior Men! I love flying out with the team as we always have such a good time and I think this trip will be really good. Will be sure to keep you all updated on how we do throughout the trip!

Harbour Project 2015

Last month I was invited to the 2015 Harbour Project @ Glass Butter Beach. The Harbour Project is a System 2.0 comp set up in the inner harbour in Abersoch and is part of the Glass Butter Beach Festival.

When I arrived I was so excited, as I had never ridden on a System 2.0 in the sea before. The comp was set up for 8 invited riders, as you only have 2 hours to ride from when the tide comes in to the harbour, before it goes out again. We all got a chance to practice the night before, which was really fun because it was as the sun was going down. All the features were supplied and installed by Industry Wake Parks and included a kicker, kicker to barrel jib, incline rail and an ollie on box rail.

The competition was so cool because there were so many local people watching, we all reckoned that there were over 1000 around the inner harbour. The format was different as well, because we had to go head to head in each round. To decide who rode against who first, we all got our names picked out of a hat in the pub that afternoon. Each rider had to wear either a red or blue bib and the judges made a decision straight after the head to heads, by holding up either a red or blue card.

I managed to win both my first and second head to heads against some incredible riding and ended up in the final against Freddie Carter. I ended up coming second to Freddie, with Scotty Broome coming 3rd. Overall it was an incredible experience and I met the most amazing people.

I would like to thank Toby Yeo for inviting me, Industry Wake Parks for the set up and everyone who made the Harbour Project happen.


Early morning session at my home cable

So yesterday I had a sick early morning session at my homecable Wasserskipark Aschheim near to Munich. We got up at half six and met up at the cable park at about half 7. I was really tired and absolutely didn’t fell like riding at all. In addition to that the weather was awful with 10 degrees and rain. However, after having arrived at the lake, I had a little run around the lake with my sister and a friend to warm up. After that run we got on the water, practicing some runs for the upcoming European Championships in Itlay in a¬†week. I managed to land some good runs, but also had some bad stacks like a bad front edge after coming into the corner way to fast after doing a 315. Anyway, I’d like to thank the Wasserskipark Aschheim crew for giving the cable to ourselves in order to have perfect training conditions. Bet everyone would love having a cable park for¬†their own.